About SFR

Students for RENEW is an organization, founded in Southern, Vermont, dedicated to helping educate, and end the threat of Unexploded Ordnance in Vietnam.


The “what” of Students for Renew is best understood by examining its component parts. We see this structure to be like that of a tripod, with each leg supporting, and taking support, from the others.

The first leg is education. The educational goal is to create a curriculum examining the historic and modern relationship between Vietnam and the United States, in a way that is fully relevant for the students of today. This means contextualizing the military conflict of the 1960s and 1970s, and exploring the evolution of both states after the war, focusing on the problem of postwar injury and death suffered by Vietnamese civilians resulting from contact with explosive weapons leftover from the war.

The second leg is student outreach. Students for Renew provides an opportunity for young people to become active participants in a global community, practicing community service in a world made small by the global information network. At home, Students for Renew unites learners with a common interest, providing an environment conducive to the growth of creative civic leadership skills, as civically active and responsible members of their school, and community.

The third leg is geared toward focusing the group's efforts as a patron organization, raising money for Project Renew. Project Renew is a non- government organization operating on the ground in Vietnam that exists solely to help "neutralize the effects of war," that are continuously visited upon the current population. Their mission is comprehensive and includes everything from land mine education designed to teach the population about the dangers of land mines and UXOs (unexploded ordnance), to skills training, job creation, medical care, and micro-loans to the victims of land mine and UXO accidents. Students for Renew's final goal is to provide financial support to Project Renew through fund-raising.

Education. Community Service. Patronage
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